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February, 2017

February is when we New Englanders really start to pine for spring. And just when we need a boost of color, a buzz of energy and a dose of beauty in March, along comes the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough! This issue of Art Buzz takes a close look at three artists from New York State: a furniture maker whose designs embrace simple, elegant curves; a nature and wildlife lover who translates her passion into elaborate leather outerwear; and a couple who combine vivid colors, a folk art mindset and pure joy in their work. All three look forward to showing their newest work at our upcoming show.

Don’t forget, you can buy your tickets in advance – and be sure to save March 24, 25 & 26 for Paradise City!

Scott Sober: KISS and Tell

Scott Sober works alone in his upstate New York studio, building furniture of heirloom quality that is made to last. He says, “I design around the environment that the furniture will reside in to create harmony.” He truly enjoys working on designs with his clients to assure they are getting exactly what they want, sometimes even drawing details from other pieces in the room and incorporating them into the new piece. His newest designs lean toward transitional contemporary.

Rusty Dorr: Going Wild

Rusty Dorr is a creature of nature, living in the woods, on water, in the Catskill Mountains. Inspired by the forces and beauty of the natural world, she brings that “wild” quality to her distinctive leather coats and jackets. Elaborately fringed and beaded, sometimes sporting linings of coyote fur, each deerskin, moose or bison garment is cut by hand. She braids the cut pieces together and fastens her coats with natural found horn. No two garments are alike.

Creatures that live their lives in the wild, free to live a natural existence, speak to me. They have from the very beginning. That’s what drew me to this work. I use only skins that are the by-product of food. I intentionally leave in the natural marks and scars that came from surviving attacks by predators.

Cheryl and Don Olney: Over the Rainbow

Cheryl and Don Olney have created a colorful, multicultural world in their booth at Paradise City Arts Festivals since 1998. Their unique work, with its folk art imagery and vivid hues, attracts enthusiastic buyers of all ages. Every piece is filled with joy. “I have a real reverence for human beings, and I feel like the work that we do is a way of touching people,” says Cheryl.
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