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Scott Sober: KISS and Tell

Scott Sober: KISS and Tell > Issue Home Scott Sober works alone in his upstate New York studio, building furniture of heirloom quality that is made to last. He says, “I design around the environment that the furniture will reside in to create harmony.” He truly enjoys working on designs with his clients to assure they are getting exactly what

Rusty Dorr: Going Wild

Rusty Dorr: Going Wild > Issue Home Rusty Dorr is a creature of nature, living in the woods, on water, in the Catskill Mountains. Inspired by the forces and beauty of the natural world, she brings that “wild” quality to her distinctive leather coats and jackets. Elaborately fringed and beaded, sometimes sporting linings of coyote fur, each deerskin, moose or

Cheryl and Don Olney: Over the Rainbow

Cheryl and Don Olney: Over the Rainbow > Issue Home Cheryl and Don Olney have created a colorful, multicultural world in their booth at Paradise City Arts Festivals since 1998. Their unique work, with its folk art imagery and vivid hues, attracts enthusiastic buyers of all ages. Every piece is filled with joy. “I have a real reverence for human

Rick Epstein: Forests of Clay

Rick Epstein: Forests of Clay > Issue Home For Rick Epstein, ceramic tile is his canvas. Unlike a painting on canvas, Epstein’s clay landscapes have tangible depth and texture that play with light and create shadows that shift around on the tile throughout the day. They are often of a scale that makes you feel as if you are about

Steve Procter: Big Ideas

Steve Procter: Big Ideas > Issue Home Stephen Procter creates enormous vessels from clay. He loves the majestic presence they emanate, the sensuous language of their curves, the way they beckon the viewer to approach and touch. He builds his large pieces in many stages, joining damp sections in a modified version of the coil-and-throw method found in many ancient

Suzanne Schwartz: A Stitch In Time

Suzanne Schwartz: A Stitch In Time > Issue Home Suzanne Schwartz created quite a buzz when she made her Paradise City debut a few years ago with imaginative designs that translate the draping and stitchery of fabric into metal. Her necklaces and bracelets are sculptures in miniature, artfully embracing a wrist or neck with perfectly composed curves accented by bold

Scott Matyjazsek: Outside the Box

Scott Matyjazsek: Outside the Box > Issue Home In a previous lifetime, Scott Matyjaszek must have been a mathematician. In his breathtaking aluminum “digital paintings”, geometric skeletons are pushed, pulled, altered, layered and collaged. His 3-D Photo-Sculptures give the illusion of depth, with many layers of photographs cut, glued and put back together with mathematical precision. We found his creative

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