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Cara Romano: Fusing Form & Fiber

Cara Romano is dedicated to both the history and the future of craft. She is a young jeweler who honors the tradition of skilled hand work while creating contemporary designs intermingling silver, gold, fabric and felt into what she calls “textile metal jewelry.”…

Barry Gross: Recycle, Reuse, Rewrite

Over 15 years ago, someone dared Barry Gross to make a pen. He says the first one was truly terrible, but he wasn’t going to let that guy get the best of him. Barry had the last laugh – he is now considered a pen authority and teaches people the art of pen making all over the country….

Ellie Wyeth: Floored by Paint & Color

A great admirer of Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey and the illustrators featured in The New Yorker, Ellie Wyeth grew up wanting to follow in their footsteps as a cartoonist and children’s book illustrator. She “was encouraged early on to avoid formal art school,” she says, “because the teachers would try to ‘change my style.’ I never forgot that.”…

Jeff Homan: Building New Heirlooms

A life-long woodworker, Jeff Homan creates elaborate furniture, intricate keepsake and jewelry boxes as well as whimsical mirrors. He started in high school as a contractor, then moved to interior and specialty work, followed by a job with a custom furniture maker who created 18th century reproductions….

Marjolaine Arsenault: Transformative Fibers

Marjolaine Arsenault is inspired by color and nature. A former graphic designer turned garden designer, she transformed herself again into a fiber artist after being introduced to felting by friends during the winter months. “Not much gardening happens at that time of year!” she said. “Eventually, I fell so in love with the creative aspect of nuno felting that it became all I wanted to do.” She worked with nationally-recognized felters to hone her skills and has been a full time artist since 2012….

Catherine Green: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Printmaker Catherine Green says, “I was the easy one in the family for whom to buy a birthday or Christmas present. I would love pads of paper, paints, markers and pencils. I was always happy, never surprised.” She has been making art for as long as she can remember and has been a professional artist for over 30 years….

Lauren Pollaro: Harmonizing Chaos

Growing up with two artistic parents – her father was a collage artist and her mother a painter – Lauren Pollaro was surrounded by and involved with artwork from the beginning. “My hands were always busy crafting things, drawing and painting,” she says. There are a painterly sensibility and a love of assemblage throughout her jewelry designs and wall sculptures, perhaps an homage to both of her parents….

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