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Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu: Going Mobile

Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu: Going Mobile > Issue Home Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu are a married couple from West Virginia who have been working artists since finishing college in 1975. Jean-Pierre began his career as a ceramic artist while Carol worked as a jeweler. They went on to form a creative partnership that produces metalwork spanning an arc from kinetic

Daryl Storrs: American Beauty

Daryl Storrs: American Beauty > Issue Home Daryl Storrs’ work is a reflection of the landscape she experiences every day. Furrowed fields, local farms, Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks are her daily inspiration. These vistas become one-of-a-kind pastels, hand-printed lithographs, woodcuts and jewelry. Whether it’s a large framed wall piece or a one-inch circular pin, each piece of art from

Alan & Rosemary Bennett: Their Undersea World

Alan & Rosemary Bennett: Their Undersea World > Issue Home Alan and Rosemary Bennett’s home would be the envy of any fish enthusiast. Their walls are adorned with trophy specimens of Puffer and Boxfish, Hammerhead Shark, Red Drum and Striper. There are undulating dorsal fins, brightly colored tails and faces that radiate a panoply of emotions. It’s a remarkable habitat

Ananda Khalsa: Picture Perfect

Ananda Khalsa: Picture Perfect > Issue Home Ananda Khalsa has always loved tiny things, and the moment she first set a miniature painting behind glass into a silver brooch she knew she was on to something special. It was the perfect connection between her love of making jewelry and painting. She is endlessly inspired by nature, and some of her

Constance Talbot: My Life in Clay

Constance Talbot: My Life in Clay > Issue Home My father had boxes of Plasticine lying around. My sister and I would use it to make figures, flower pots and plates for our dolls house. Later in high school I took a pottery class, which was where I first understood that clay was going to be my life’s center. Clay

Bayley Wharton: Integrity, Passion, Design

Bayley Wharton: Integrity, Passion, Design > Issue Home How long have you been practicing your art? Or how long have you been in your field? I formally established Furniture by Design, my company, in 1996, but have been building and studying furniture design for much longer. My initial roots in furniture making go back to the mid-80’s when I worked

Steven Kolodny: Stargazer

Steven Kolodny: Stargazer > Issue Home What is your background, including art and other degrees? My educational background is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Plattsburg with a dual studio concentration in jewelry making and sculpture. I also have a second degree from the Gemological Institute of America – Graduate Gemologist 1987. What brought you to your career as

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