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Scott Sober: KISS and Tell

Scott Sober: KISS and Tell > Issue Home Scott Sober works alone in his upstate New York studio, building furniture of heirloom quality that is made to last. He says, “I design around the environment that the furniture will reside in to create harmony.” He truly enjoys working on designs with his clients to assure they are getting exactly what

Bayley Wharton: Integrity, Passion, Design

Bayley Wharton: Integrity, Passion, Design > Issue Home How long have you been practicing your art? Or how long have you been in your field? I formally established Furniture by Design, my company, in 1996, but have been building and studying furniture design for much longer. My initial roots in furniture making go back to the mid-80’s when I worked

Ken Salem: Living on the Edge

Ken Salem: Living on the Edge > Issue Home Ken Salem’s education in traditional furniture-making began in his childhood home in the heart of New England. Home was the historic Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, where Salem grew up surrounded by the best examples of traditional woodworking. It was an atmosphere which fostered a deep respect for both

Michael Hoy & Perky Alsop: Furniture Designed for Life

Michael Hoy and Perky Alsop have been working together since they met in 1979. Originally, the couple was in the food business together, as co-owners of the Portland Wine and Cheese Company in Maine. “We designed and built the interior – wine racks, tables and an open kitchen featuring our first piece, a work island big enough for eight of us to chop, slice, knead and create the daily fare. What pleasure to work in an efficient and friendly kitchen!” Perky says. “Customers not only saw their food being prepared, but also joined in the talk.”…

Paula Garbarino: Marquetry Master

Paula Garbarino was already making miniature furniture at age nine. “In my teens and early adult years, my list of creative endeavors got lengthy,” she says. “Clothing, bookbinding, Native American bead-weaving, quilts, loom weaving, macramé, thrown pots, basketry and stained glass. And then, almost by chance, I rediscovered furniture.”…

Joel Mark: Engineering Fine Furniture

Joel Mark says, “I always wanted to major in art, but came from a very pragmatic family.” While he gained some carpentry skills in college, this accomplished cabinet maker and woodworker started out by earning a degree in mechanical engineering….

Jeff Homan: Building New Heirlooms

A life-long woodworker, Jeff Homan creates elaborate furniture, intricate keepsake and jewelry boxes as well as whimsical mirrors. He started in high school as a contractor, then moved to interior and specialty work, followed by a job with a custom furniture maker who created 18th century reproductions….

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