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Suzanne Schwartz: A Stitch In Time

Suzanne Schwartz: A Stitch In Time > Issue Home Suzanne Schwartz created quite a buzz when she made her Paradise City debut a few years ago with imaginative designs that translate the draping and stitchery of fabric into metal. Her necklaces and bracelets are sculptures in miniature, artfully embracing a wrist or neck with perfectly composed curves accented by bold

Betsy Baker: Subtle Power

Betsy Baker: Subtle Power > Issue Home A visit to Hacienda Xcanatun fifteen years ago was the impetus for Betsy Baker’s very successful career as a jeweler. Her work seems the antithesis of both polymer clay and Mexican art, with their emphasis on brilliant color. Pushing the expectations and limits of her chosen medium, she produces jewelry that relies on

Ananda Khalsa: Picture Perfect

Ananda Khalsa: Picture Perfect > Issue Home Ananda Khalsa has always loved tiny things, and the moment she first set a miniature painting behind glass into a silver brooch she knew she was on to something special. It was the perfect connection between her love of making jewelry and painting. She is endlessly inspired by nature, and some of her

Steven Kolodny: Stargazer

Steven Kolodny: Stargazer > Issue Home What is your background, including art and other degrees? My educational background is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Plattsburg with a dual studio concentration in jewelry making and sculpture. I also have a second degree from the Gemological Institute of America – Graduate Gemologist 1987. What brought you to your career as

Barbara Packer: Spheres of Influence

Barbara Packer: Spheres of Influence > Issue Home Barbara Packer’s journey to jewelry making was quite a long and circular road. After first studying color and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts she became an internationally acclaimed quilt maker. As much as she loved creating quilts, over time she became disillusioned as she

Keith Lewis: Kinetic Cool

Keith Lewis: Kinetic Cool > Issue Home Paradise City steps outside the box in Keith Lewis’ Art Buzz feature, to present this interview in a question-and-answer format. Lewis’ kinetic jewelry in mica, gems and a range of colors is popular not just for its beauty. These earrings, pins, bangles and pendants are great fun, swing while you walk, and also

Patricia Daunis-Dunning and William Dunning: The Maine Attraction

Patricia Daunis-Dunning and William Dunning: The Maine Attraction > Issue Home Daunis Jewelry’s tagline, “Made in Maine, Worn Around the World”, was actually inspired by a story related by one of their clients. Her daughter had just climbed to the top of Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy and noticed another couple up there as well. She walked up to the

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