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Cheryl and Don Olney: Over the Rainbow

Cheryl and Don Olney: Over the Rainbow > Issue Home Cheryl and Don Olney have created a colorful, multicultural world in their booth at Paradise City Arts Festivals since 1998. Their unique work, with its folk art imagery and vivid hues, attracts enthusiastic buyers of all ages. Every piece is filled with joy. “I have a real reverence for human

David Poppie: Minimal Materials, Maximum Impact

David Poppie: Minimal Materials, Maximum Impact > Issue Home When we first saw David Poppie’s collages created from colored pencils at his first Paradise City show last October, we found ourselves entranced by the patterns, the colors and the depth of his art – and the logistical challenge of making such elaborate and precise compositions from pencils, of all things.

Lisa Ferreira Jones: Sculpted Light

Lisa Ferreira Jones builds forms from copper wire that mimic botanical elements. Her paper is made by hand by blending abaca pulp with pigment as well as native petals, grasses, leaves, berries and seeds, which lend interesting textures and accents. Then the paper is applied to the metal frame and covered with many layers of acrylic, creating a lampshade like you’ve never seen, “bringing the elegance of nature indoors.”

Laurie Olefson: Framing the Eyes

“When you first meet someone, you look them in the eyes. That is why I think making eyeglass frames is so important,” Laurie Olefson says. “Most glasses are sort of boring and the challenge is to make something that is wearable but interesting or artful.”

Barry Gross: Recycle, Reuse, Rewrite

Over 15 years ago, someone dared Barry Gross to make a pen. He says the first one was truly terrible, but he wasn’t going to let that guy get the best of him. Barry had the last laugh – he is now considered a pen authority and teaches people the art of pen making all over the country….