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Christa Forrest: Unleashing the Goddess

Christa Forrest: Unleashing the Goddess > Issue Home One of this month’s Art Buzz profiles features a painter of landscapes, still lifes and portraits who is new to Paradise City. Christa Forrest taps deeply into the core of her spirit, creating painterly works that are infused with feeling. She shares her musings about her art and her goals in the

Don Reed: The Illusion of Light

Don Reed: The Illusion of Light > Issue Home Sometimes an artist is so articulate that it’s best to present his story in his own words. Painter Don Reed tells us about his creative journey in a beautiful and compelling narrative. “As young boy, I always loved to draw and sketch, but my real introduction to art started at the

Peiliang Jin: The Fine Points of Serenity

Peiliang Jin: The Fine Points of Serenity > Issue Home Landscape painter Peiliang Jin looks for harmony in the natural world. He communicates his vision via the medium of watercolor painting on paper; he narrates his journey by leading us through luminous visionary landscapes, with rolling rivers and meadows and fanciful trees that seem to be dancing in a celestial

Dorothy Fagan: The Landscape Within

Although artist Dorothy Fagan is motivated by subjects in the outside world, she feels that she is truly reflecting inner landscapes with her brush.

Carrie Jacobson: The Gift of Paint

Everyone responds to grief differently. When Carrie Jacobson was 50, she lost her mom and was devastated. Feeling utterly unmoored, Carrie grabbed at things to steady her and finally grabbed a paintbrush. That tool changed the arc of her life and career forever….

Bill Chisholm: Fruits of His Labor

Before he dedicated his professional life to painting, Bill Chisholm was a commercial photographer as well as a yoga and stress management teacher for many years. “The photograph influenced me with light and composition. Yoga and meditation taught me patience,” he said. “I am quite certain without them I would not have had the patience or discipline for painting.”…

Ellie Wyeth: Floored by Paint & Color

A great admirer of Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey and the illustrators featured in The New Yorker, Ellie Wyeth grew up wanting to follow in their footsteps as a cartoonist and children’s book illustrator. She “was encouraged early on to avoid formal art school,” she says, “because the teachers would try to ‘change my style.’ I never forgot that.”…

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