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Steve Procter: Big Ideas

Steve Procter: Big Ideas > Issue Home Stephen Procter creates enormous vessels from clay. He loves the majestic presence they emanate, the sensuous language of their curves, the way they beckon the viewer to approach and touch. He builds his large pieces in many stages, joining damp sections in a modified version of the coil-and-throw method found in many ancient

Roger DiTarando: Wild Things

Roger DiTarando: Wild Things

Roger DiTarando: Wild Things > Issue Home Roger DiTarando has forged a reputation over 30 years as a sculptor of singular craftsmanship and inventive precision. When the Arts Council of Greater New Haven wanted to commemorate the settling of families from other parts of the world in New Haven, they commissioned DiTarando. He created a welded bronze construction which spans the

Chris Williams: Putting Life into Metal

Sculptor Chris Williams’ first started tinkering with making things out of metal in his dad’s machine shop. “I began to stay after hours to weld things together,” he says. “I gave most of my early creations away. Soon people were showing up at my family’s metal shop asking who was doing the sculptures.”…

Lauren Pollaro: Harmonizing Chaos

Growing up with two artistic parents – her father was a collage artist and her mother a painter – Lauren Pollaro was surrounded by and involved with artwork from the beginning. “My hands were always busy crafting things, drawing and painting,” she says. There are a painterly sensibility and a love of assemblage throughout her jewelry designs and wall sculptures, perhaps an homage to both of her parents….

Matthew Evald Johnson: Body, Mind & Mettle

Working alone through every phase of creation, sculptor and furniture-maker Matthew Evald Johnson says, “Much of the process exhibits my personal physical potential. The use of assistants or heavy equipment would allow for inauthentic decision making.” The idea of using only his own strength seems formidable when one encounters his work. Matt’s pieces are substantial – some as tall as twenty feet – and constructed of iron, steel and wood. Each joins disparate elements through cutting, welding and assembling to create surprising shapes….