Paradise City Art Buzz – February, 2016

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February, 2016

In February’s Art Buzz, read about a watercolorist who invites us into his visionary landscapes; welcome back a celebrated maker of ceramic dinnerware who returns to Paradise City after starting a family; and enjoy a fascinating in-depth interview with a jeweler known for his “kinetic cool”. You can find all three exhibiting their work at Paradise City Marlborough, coming right up on the first weekend of spring, March 18, 19 & 20.

Pomegranite Brooch

Keith Lewis: Kinetic Cool

Paradise City steps outside the box in Keith Lewis‘ Art Buzz feature, to present this interview in a question-and-answer format. Lewis’ kinetic jewelry in mica, gems and a range of colors is popular not just for its beauty. These earrings, pins, bangles and pendants are great fun, swing while you walk, and also make terrific gifts.

“Anyone who knows me realizes that my memory is truly awful. My earliest memory is sticking a fork in a 220 volt outlet in Italy, but my next earliest memory is really the foreshadowing of my career. I was a pre-schooler standing next to a community garden in Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. I was holding my Dad’s cigar box open, looking at the golden corn silk and tiny bits of broken glass I had collected. I remember thinking it was like a treasure of gold and gems. I guess I was hooked then.”


Peiliang Jin: The Fine Points of Serenity
Landscape painter Peiliang Jin looks for harmony in the natural world. He communicates his vision via the medium of watercolor painting on paper; he narrates his journey by leading us through luminous visionary landscapes, with rolling rivers and meadows and fanciful trees that seem to be dancing in a celestial ballet.

Alexandra Geller: Setting a Splendid Table
nesting-bowlsIt was in fifth grade that Alexandra Geller made her first clay pot. “It was really fun – I just loved it!” she exclaimed. “I learned how to use a potter’s wheel and I hand-built pieces with coils of clay. And it’s so crazy, I actually still have those pots.”




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