Paradise City Art Buzz – July, 2016

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July-August, 2016

Sometimes Art Buzz interviews uncover a real gem. In July’s Art Buzz, a well-known ceramist and painter who we first met back in the ‘70’s tells us his life story – and what a fascinating story it is! We also share conversations with a polymer jeweler who found her métier on a visit to Mexico and a painter, new to Paradise City, who skillfully balances the yin and yang of realism and abstraction. You can find all three exhibiting their work at both of our upcoming shows this fall: Paradise City Northampton, October 8-10 and Paradise City Marlborough, November 18-20. Save the dates!

See you around the fairs,
Linda & Geoff Post, Founding Directors


Washington Ledesma: A Life Well Lived

Washington Ledesma’s colorful ceramic pieces, joyful animal sculptures and vivid paintings are easily recognized by the prominence of eyes, the ‘mirrors of the soul.’ In a spirited and insightful dialogue, Ledesma takes us on the journey of a lifetime from Uruguay to New York City, the Caribbean to Martha’s Vineyard.

How long have you been practicing your art?
It’s been close to 50 years now. I was born and raised in Uruguay, and 26 when I started with printmaking and painting. Then a good friend of mine, Martha Peňilla, wanted to exchange one of my prints for her teaching me about ceramics. It was very exciting to get my hands on clay; it reminded me of the times I had spent as a child on an uncle’s farm where I just loved playing with the mud!

What is your background? Did you attend art school?
Art was very accidental. As a young man I played a lot of soccer. After high school I completed a course in Phys Ed at a special training school and worked for 3 or 4 years as a physical education teacher. It so happened that a friend of mine was studying at the Fine Arts School of Montevideo and she wanted me to come with her to one of her classes for the fun of it, to see what she was doing.
I went with her, and it changed my life…..

Betsy Baker: Subtle Power
IMG_1261-001A visit to Hacienda Xcanatun fifteen years ago was the impetus for Betsy Baker’s very successful career as a jeweler. Her work seems the antithesis of both polymer clay and Mexican art, with their emphasis on brilliant color. Pushing the expectations and limits of her chosen medium, she produces jewelry that relies on richly textured surfaces for a stunning effect. Read More >>

Christa Forrest: Unleashing the Goddess
forrest_the-abbeys-evening lightOne of this month’s Art Buzz profiles features a painter of landscapes, still life and portraits who is new to Paradise City. Christa Forrest taps deeply into the core of her spirit, creating painterly works that are infused with feeling. She shares her musings about her art and her goals in the following interview. Read More >>



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