Paradise City Art Buzz – June, 2016

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June, 2016

In June’s Art Buzz stories, we find out how a career Navy flight surgeon and psychiatrist became a noted wildlife photographer; how an artist who collects old matchbooks, colored pencils and teabags uses them to create eye-popping collages and furniture; and how a collaborating couple’s dynamic metalwork can range from earrings to mobiles. You can find all three exhibiting their work at Paradise City shows this fall. Save the dates: Northampton, October 8-10 and Marlborough, November 18-20.


C. J. Hockett: Natural Phenomena

C. J. Hockett bought his very first camera at Times Square in New York City when he was fourteen years old, but it took quite some time for this early talent to reach fruition. We were fascinated by the trajectory of his career, from Navy officer and physician to a specialization in spectacular wild bird and animal photography.

Did you first take up photography when you retired from active service in the Navy?
Actually, my serious study of photography began earlier, in 1998 at the Tidewater Visual Art Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. I took classes in film, then digital photography – plus computer graphics classes. After retirement in 2005, I became fully immersed in wildlife photography.


David Poppie: Minimal Material, Maximum Impact
poppie_web_biff-bang-powWhen we first saw David Poppie’s collages last October, we found ourselves entranced by the patterns, the colors and the depth of his art – and the logistical challenge of making such elaborate and precise compositions from pencils, of all things. Read More >>

Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu: Going Mobile
vote-pinCarol and Jean-Pierre Hsu are a married couple from West Virginia who have been working artists since 1975. The mysterious shapes and gentle movement of mobiles are now a distinctive part of their art offerings. This all began with a dream of light and shadows on ceilings. Read More >>



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