Paradise City Art Buzz – May, 2016

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May, 2016

You know it’s really spring when you start making plans to visit the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton on Memorial Day Weekend. Three of the 250 outstanding exhibitors at this show can be previewed in this month’s Art Buzz. We’ll profile an artist who turns the furrowed fields of her native Vermont into pastels, woodcuts and charming jewelry; a pair of ceramists who will intrigue you with their super-realistic marine sculpture; and a jeweler who creates tiny gold frames for miniscule paintings that fit on your little finger. Get your coupon online and be sure to save the long holiday weekend for Paradise City!


Daryl Storrs: American Beauty

Daryl Storrs’ work is a reflection of the landscape she experiences every day. Furrowed fields, local farms, Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks are her daily inspiration. These vistas become one-of-a-kind pastels, hand-printed lithographs, woodcuts and jewelry. Whether it’s a large framed wall piece or a one-inch circular pin, each piece of art from her studio communicates the beauty of the natural landscape.

Storrs’ artwork was selected to represent the Vermont History Expo this year, and she illustrated the book “Yankee Weather Proverbs” published by Yankee Magazine.

What brought you to your career as an artist?
I always wanted to be an artist. When I was in middle school I took summer school art classes with a woman who taught us as if we were adults… Our teacher taught us like we were 19 instead of 9 years old… it wasn’t until later that I fully understood and appreciated how gifted she was.


Alan & Rosemary Bennett: Their Undersea World
Lion FishAlan and Rosemary Bennett’s home would be the envy of any fish enthusiast. Their walls are adorned with trophy specimens of Puffer and Boxfish, Red Drum and Striper. It’s a remarkable habitat, all made out of clay.

Ananda Khalsa: Picture Perfect
Ananda Khalsa Jewelry
Ananda Khalsa has always loved tiny things, and the moment she first set a miniature painting behind glass into a silver brooch she knew she was on to something special. It was the perfect connection between her love of making jewelry and painting



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