Paradise City Art Buzz – November, 2016

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November, 2016

November is a month for family gatherings, long-simmering stews, holiday anticipation and the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough the weekend before Thanksgiving. This issue of Art Buzz takes a close look at two ceramic artists who each create wildly different work on a large scale. One sculpts trees, rivers and even oceans from clay slabs to produce wall-size landscapes in three dimensions. The other throws natural clay vessels, resulting in sensuously curved and quite monumental forms. Our third Art Buzz pick is a jeweler whose early background in fashion inspired her to translate the draping and stitchery of fabric into metal. All three look forward to showing their newest work at our upcoming show. Watch for next week’s email containing your discount coupon, or buy your tickets in advance and bypass the box office – and be sure to save November 18, 19 & 20 for Paradise City!


Rick Epstein: Forests of Clay

For Rick Epstein, ceramic tile is his canvas. Unlike a painting on canvas, Epstein’s clay landscapes have tangible depth and texture that play with light and create shadows that shift around on the tile throughout the day. They are often of a scale that makes you feel as if you are about to step into a forest or dive into a lake. Epstein explains, “Tree branches approach you while others recede. Forest paths entice you to enter and inhabit the landscape. Shadows form and shift across the sculpted clay surface. Thus an ever changing relationship is made between the viewer and landscape.

mandorla-vessel-in-gardenSteve Procter: Big Ideas
Stephen Procter creates enormous vessels from clay. He loves the majestic presence they emanate, the sensuous language of their curves, the way they beckon the viewer to approach and touch. He builds his large pieces in many stages, joining damp sections in a modified version of the coil-and-throw method found in many ancient cultures. Although he works on a potter’s wheel, his approach is essentially sculptural. Each massive pot is a powerful and mesmerizing focal point, whether placed in a garden, a living space, a grouping or as part of a collection of large-scale sculpture.

schwartz_2Suzanne Schwartz: A Stitch In Time
Suzanne Schwartz created quite a buzz when she made her Paradise City debut a few years ago with imaginative designs that translate the draping and stitchery of fabric into metal. Her necklaces and bracelets are sculptures in miniature, artfully embracing a wrist or neck. Airy earrings shaped like wheels, ribbons or ruffles dangle gracefully or, accented with a pearl, hug the earlobe. Schwartz delights in having “the ability to turn a rigid material into flowing, artistic designs.” Read More >>


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