Paradise City Art Buzz – September, 2016

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September, 2016

The mornings are crisp, the leaves are turning colors and it’s almost time for the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton on Columbus Day Weekend. September’s Art Buzz interviews three of the 250 outstanding exhibitors at this show. You’ll get an in-depth look at the inspiration and working methods of one of our most innovative photographers; a fascinating talk about the pull between pure abstraction and carving totemic figures with an award-winning jeweler making her Northampton debut; and a Japanese ceramist in constant pursuit of perfection. Get your coupon online or avoid the lines and buy your tickets in advance – and be sure to save October 8, 9 & 10 for Paradise City!


Scott Matyjazsek: Outside the Box

In a previous lifetime, Scott Matyjaszek must have been a mathematician. In his breathtaking aluminum “digital paintings”, geometric skeletons are pushed, pulled, altered, layered and collaged. His 3-D Photo-Sculptures give the illusion of depth, with many layers of photographs cut, glued and put back together with mathematical precision. We found his creative process enlightening.

bach-oct16Carolyn Morris Bach: Animal Dreams
Carolyn Morris Bach’s studio is surrounded by pastures and forests, a connection to the natural environment that is expressed in her jewelry. She channels the mythic powers of the sun, moon, wind and earth, creating a menagerie of animals and iconic figures as she carves stone, ivory and wood into talismans set in gold. Each piece seems to be part of a mythical narrative; like amulets from prehistoric civilizations, these remarkable neckpieces and brooches somehow offer to protect the wearer from harm.



ichihara-oct16Takashi Ichihara: Practice Makes Perfect
Japan is renowned for its history of ceramic art, and Takashi Ichihara is a prime example of that country’s rigorous training in creating forms, throwing and glazing. His work has a simplicity and grace that is a result of hard work, years of practice and experimentation and a clear vision of functionality. He is a master of clay.



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